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Meet Christie.



With over 5 years of experience teaching both Mat and Apparatus Pilates, Christie has a wealth of knowledge across populations. She leads group Pilates classes in the Boston area but, the bulk of her services are in private one on one sessions in her home or at one of the many studios she teaches at.

She specializes in working with athletes (specifically runners, triathletes, cyclists, and rock climbers), dancers and more. As a marathon runner herself, she is known for her tough but encouraging group classes, her challenging private sessions and an infectious love for fitness that she shares with all around her. Christie practices what she preaches as she strives to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle that incorporates her own personal Pilates practice, endurance running, bike commuting and group fitness classes. You can also find Christie doing fitness and commercial modeling with Maggie Inc.


PMA Certified as of 2016, comprehensively trained by Julie Erickson of Endurance Pilates and Yoga (1000 hours)

Barre Boston Certified by Julie Erickson, Endurance Pilates and Yoga 


“Doing Pilates has totally changed my body. The reason I joined was because during the off-season, elite basketball players such as LeBron James and Dwayne Wade would often incorporate Pilates into their training regime. Also, I had an injury to my right knee that has now been healed! Pilates helped me strengthen the muscles I never knew existed throughout my legs to make me stronger and much healthier. Mentally it is also a workout because it forces you to focus on multiple muscle groups at an intense, precise rate making it a tough but a very very beneficial workout!” – D1 College Basketball Player

“The class was fantastic. I am used to more Contemporary approaches to Pilates and this was a nice traditional flow. Christie was great with fantastic hands on corrections. I will be back.” -Class Pass Member

“Before doing Pilates with Christie, I would have intense lower back pain after long periods of standing. After only a couple private sessions with her, I noticed that I haven’t experienced pain like that again even after standing for hours at a time! She has truly helped me improve my posture and strengthen my body in such a short amount of time.” – Joanne S, Local Artist

I have tried nearly every fitness studio in Boston, and Christie is hands-down my favorite instructor! I have taken her reformer classes for over 2 years now, and her challenging and empowering teachings style keeps me coming back every week. My posture and core strength have never been better! Christie is extremely thoughtful with her verbal cues and hands-on adjustments and ensures that everyone’s form is correct and safe. She is very respectful of each client’s personal fitness and health goals and can adapt to varying abilities or experience.” –Group reformer student

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