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Group Pilates Mat Classes

Group mat classes are the perfect way to introduce yourself to Pilates! These classes are all levels and great to incorporate into your routine. Although there is less personal attention, they are great community builders and an amazing way to practice Pilates!

Private Reformer Pilates Classes

Private Pilates classes are built to really teach you the Method of Contrology. You will receive personal, hands on attention. I would highly recommend these before trying a group class, especially if you have injuries/special circumstances.

RunCore + Run Pacing

My private running services are great for those looking to get into running. RunCore is a class I created that combines the best of running and Pilates in one hour. My Run Pacing services mean that I create and execute a run workout with you!


β€œYou can say what Pilates is in three words.

Stretch, with Strength, and Control.

And the control part is the most important,

because that makes you use your mind.”

-Romana Kryzanowska

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