Private Pacing Sessions

Private pacing sessions are hour long sessions including…

  • a custom designed workout from session to session

  • a pacing partner (myself) during your run

  • activation drills and stretches after your run

These sessions are perfect if you need some extra motivation to get running!


RunCore Classes

RunCore classes are my custom designed classes that blend the best of interval running and mat Pilates. These classes are designed to make you sweat but also lengthen you - perfect for the serious runner and beginner alike. This private hour long session includes…

  • a custom designed workout from session to session (30 min, interval focused)

  • a pacing partner (myself)

  • a 30 minute Pilates mat workout

Note: Group RunCore classes are described in the Events + Workshop page



$90/1 session, $850/10 sessions

Intro offer: $210/3 sessions



Start Running Today!

There’s no day like today. If you’re interested in starting to run or refining your running, contact me below!