The Best Fitness & Wellness Providers in Boston

This is a (non comprehensive) list of wellness and fitness providers in the Boston area. I will continually be adding to this list as I learn of and can refer more wellness professionals. These are all people I have personally used, or gotten strong referrals for. I know finding wellness providers is confusing and can be hard. The strongest way to find a good provider is through a referral. I hope that this list helps you find the professionals and help you need to live a longer, healthier life. I fully endorse working with all of the people on this list.

As a tip, working with any professional or serviced based provider can be a challenge. Have a clear goal and clearly state your communication style or expectations to get the most out of your sessions. If you are unhappy with a provider, move on. There are no hard feelings! We can’t be everything for everyone.

Fitness/Movement Providers

  • Clientel3 (Training - Back Bay)

  • Alison Martin Fitness (Training - DTX or Your Home)

  • Form Fitness (Training - Bay Village)

  • Kara Duval (Pilates - Seaport) - Privates at EQX Seaport but inquire for home sessions etc.

  • Katelyn Foley Pilates (Pilates - Back Bay) - I work here so, I guess I recommend myself and Katelyn ;)


  • Wellness in Motion (Chiro, ART/Graston, Acupuncture, Massage - DTX, Back Bay, Brookline) - all providers are great, I love working with Eric Beard and Bryan Kent

  • Nolan Watts Massage (Massage - Cambridge)

  • Treatment Training Wellness (Sauna, Massage, Chiro - Back Bay)

  • Back Bay Health (Movemented based Chiro- Back Bay)

Functional Med/Nutrition & Other Wellness

  • Back Bay Health (Functional Med with Tim - Back Bay)

  • Shanti Nutrition (Back Bay)

  • Above Health Nutrition (Back Bay)

  • BDY SQD (Sauna and assisted stretch) (Back Bay, South End)

  • Yintuition (Acupunture) (Back Bay)

Christie Wang